Dog Hunt Tests

These hunting dogs were bred to point and retrieve gamebirds. They are generally easy to train and require vigorous exercise everyday.
American Brittany- AKC, ABC , Dogwood Brittanys
Bracco Italiano- AKC, BICA
English Pointer- AKC, APC
English Setter- AKC, ESAA
German Longhaired Pointer- AKC, GLPCA, DL-GNA
German Shorthaired Pointer- AKC, GSPCA, NADKC
German Wirehaired Pointer- AKC, GWPCA, VDD-GNA
Gordon Setter- AKC, GSCA
Irish Setter- AKC
Pudlepointer- AKC, NAPPA, PCNA
Small Munsterlander- AKC, SMCA
Spinone Italiano- AKC, SCA
Weimaraner- AKC, WCA
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (korthals)- AKC, AWPGA
Wirehaired Vizsla- AKC, WHVCA
Vizsla- AKC, NVA
Hunt Tests
AKC Pointing Test
North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association– Point & Water Retrieve
Higgins Gundogs
Orvis Ronnie Smith Videos
Ronnie Smith Kennels
Smith Method
Standing Stone Kennels
Willow Creek Kennels
Bird Dogs Afield
Project Upland
Wingshooting USA
Chukkar Chasers
Ultimate Upland

These dogs were developed to retrieve waterfowl, and flush and retrieve upland birds. They are generally easy to train and make excellent companions.
Common Breeds
American Water Spaniel- AKC, AWSC
Boykin Spaniel- AKC, BSS
Chesapeake Bay Retriever- AKC, ACC
Curly-Coated Retriever- AKC, CCRCA
English Cocker Spaniel- AKC, ECSCA
English Springer Spaniel- AKC, ESSFTA
Field Spaniel- AKC, FSSA
Flat-Coated Retriever- AKC, FCRSA
Golden Retriever- AKC, GRCA
Irish Water Spaniel- AKC, IWSCA
Labrador Retriever- AKC, LRC, Wild Rose Kennels
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever- AKC, NSDTRC
Hunt Tests & Sports
AKC Retriever Hunt Test
AKC Upland Flushing (spaniel) Test
North American Diving Dogs
Cornerstone Gun Dog Academy
Stonnie Dennis Training
Endless Migration
Gun Dog magazine